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Look no further, the contents of this pack will fulfill all of your first grade homework wants, needs, and desires! The print and go Menus are low-prep for you, provide engaging, thought-provoking tasks for your students, and can be completed with minimal assistance from parents. There is even an option for you to create your own differentiated, individualized tasks!

This product was formerly "1st grade Homework Calendars and Assessments". It has been updated to include several additional options. The Calendars and Assessments are still zipped into this purchase. Newly added are 1st grade Homework Menus with assessments AND blank, editable menus and calendars.

These Homework Menus contain 41 weeks of home learning tasks for Reading, Phonics, Writing, Science, and Math! Embedded in each menu are letter/sound practice as well as the first 340 Fry words. The months of September-May include pre and post assessments of Fry words with bonus challenge words. You will also find a simplified book log and instructions for setting up a "Communications Binder" to take care of all your parent communication/homework needs!

What about those summer months you say? Well, I've included a dual June/July Menu with 28 tasks! These can be used for year-round schools or for those families who work hard to keep the ball rolling over the summer!

Did you just ask about adding differentiated tasks, tailoring it to your state or districts pacing, editing it to suit your individual students needs? I've got you covered! This compressed file contains:
1. Completed print and go Homework Calendars
2. Completed print and go Homework Menus
3. Monthly high frequency word assessments
4. Three Blank, EDITABLE PDF Menus (Fully editable, Editable Tasks, and Editable Weekly Words)
5. Blank, EDITABLE Calendars that can be used for a multitude of purposes. I use mine to communicate behavior grades with parents!

In the completed print and go Menus pack you will find notes about the structure of the pack and how you can use this for many years to come. There are instructions for how to utilize all elements of your download to set up a "Communications Binder", complete with pictures of my binders for the upcoming school year.

-August is set up as a "practice month" with simple tasks and a practice book log.
-September-May focus on helping students acquire high frequency words. Each week students practice 10 words. There are examples of ways to practice these words at the bottom of each Menu. For these months there is also a pre-assessment which can be sent home so that parents can focus on those words as well. The post-assessment can be used for a grade at the end of the month.

You will notice that there are 4 weeks of tasks for November and December and only 3 weeks of words on the Menus. This is because of the holidays that occur throughout that time. In an effort not to overload the students and provide satisfactory time for them to acquire these words I have limited the words through the holidays.

The month of May also has a 5th week embedded to account for the extra week that floats around the spring months.

At the end of the month your students may have extra, incomplete tasks. Manage these tasks in whatever way suits you. Some people use them as extra credit, others use them as early finishers, homework for long weekends, work for those school year family vacations, spring break and fall break work, or holiday homework.

The EDITABLE Menus are available in a variety of forms. One PDF is blank and fully editable. Another has set tasks but editable weekly words and the third has set weekly words with editable tasks. Click on the blue highlighted area and type away! Your editable version can be saved! Please remember, your purchase is good for ONLY you to use with your students. If you are using this to create Homework Menus for your grade level, school, district, or more; you MUST purchase additional licenses for each person you intend to share it with. You may not post your edited version for free or for sale in any marketplace. Please contact me at with any questions or to discuss discounted rates for more that 10 licenses.

The EDITABLE Calendars provide for 5 weeks each month (Monday-Friday only). I've made the directions area above the chart and the fields within the chart editable for you. Click on the blue highlighted area and type away! Your editable version can be saved! The same rules apply to the Calendars as previously stated with the Menus.

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Please review the product thumbnails and FREE PREVIEW before purchasing to ensure your own satisfaction!

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Using Menus for Homework

If you saw this post by Mrs. Claborn a few weeks ago, then you already know that she's using menus for her second graders' homework. After just 2 weeks of homework in first grade, I decided it was time to change ours up too! First grade is now also doing menus for homework and the feedback has been GREAT! This is our very first homework menu, so it's a work in progress. Like Mrs. Claborn, we're using the Laurie Westphal Differentiating Instruction With Menus for inspiration. Our principal got a set for each grade level and they are a fabulous resource! I created our menu to look like a restaurant menu with three categories: Entrees, Appetizers and Dessert. Within each category, there are 3 choices. The students choose one from each section to complete throughout the week in addition to their reading logs. We just sent the first menu home on Monday and on Tuesday morning the kids were SO excited to tell me what they'd chosed to work on so far! I can't wait to see what they bring in on Friday! Anyway, you can check out our menu below. When we send it home, it has a reading log on the back and a list of about 30-40 example short o words for them to study for our spelling test on Friday. If you're interested in how we do spelling, check out this post.

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