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Quiz for Chapter One

Student Self-Grading Multiple Choice

(Javascript must be enabled for this exercise.)

1. Good writing, no matter what the situation, involves organizing your thoughts logically, choosing your words carefully, and ________.

a) using elevated diction
b) crafting documents that rely upon jargon
c) crafting documents that make sense to the reader
d) crafting documents according to five-paragraph essay rules


Answer: c (p 2)

2. Some studies have shown that good _________ tend to be good writers.

a) athletes
b) Samaritans
c) readers
d) musicians


Answer: c (p 3)

3. Reading is a complex process. Active reading allows you to expand your understanding of the writing process to make you a more ________.

a) narrative writer
b) literary writer
c) effective writer
d) affective writer


Answer: c (p 4)

4. Although essay writing is generally considered a linear, sequential process, that doesn't mean a writer will always follow ________.

a) a template
b) a predictable order from start to finish
c) a high school model
d) a five-paragraph model


Answer: b (p 4)

5. Process-reflective writing focuses on the necessary connection between writing and thinking, the ________

a) paradoxical
b) complex
c) back-and-forth
d) challenging


Answer: c (p 5)

6. In the process-reflective approach, you may not need a formal outline, but you should be clear on your purpose and ________ before writing.

a) body paragraphs
b) thesis
c) conclusion
d) topic sentences


Answer: b (p 6)

7. In critical thinking, you use two-way reading to determine the validity of an author's statements, to test them by considering the logic and consistency behind them, and to decide ________.

a) whether the evidence supports the author's claims
b) whether the argument is timely
c) whether the claims are interesting
d) whether you agree


Answer: a (p 9)

8. 3-D reading at the college and university level means taking a three-step approach to the acts of reading, thinking, or writing where you ________.

a) focus on understanding
b) use critical thinking to test the validity of the statements
c) analyze and evaluate the work by considering the methods and strategies that the writer has employed to make it effective (or not)
d) All of the above.


Answer: d (p 9)

9. Responding to essays and thinking about the conscious choices that the writer made will lead you to reflect on your own writing processes and enable you to make sound and ________ choices in your own writing.

a) exciting
b) elaborate
c) conscious
d) valuable


Answer: c (p 10)

10. In critical thinking, you must evaluate the nature of the evidence and ________.

a) the way the writer uses it
b) the number of quoted passages
c) the way a writer paraphrases
d) the degree to which you like the language


Answer: a (p 21)

Short Answer Questions

1. The ________ approach to writing stands in contrast to the product approach to writing.


Answer: process (4-5)

2. In the process-reflective approach, what you have written gives direction to what you _______ write.


Answer: will (5)


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