Persuasive Essay On Biodiversity

List Of 15 Interesting Writing Prompts For An Essay About Biodiversity

The title of your academic essay is a critical choice because it helps you present the essence of your paper to the audience. You have to make sure that you create such a topic that will engage your readers and develop their interest to read the rest of your assignment. The most important thing about the title is that it should be unique and based on original ideas

Topics to consider for an essay about biodiversity

These are top 15 topics that you can discuss for writing a winning essay about biodiversity. It is important for you to pick an engaging topic so that you can convince your audience to read the rest of your assignment

  1. The idea of displaying biodiversity in a national park and how it can be a learning and recreational environment for the locals
  2. What are the advanced researches and scientists doing to ensure smooth running of natural cycles and phenomena? Can they even do anything to impact the natural cycles
  3. Focus on discussing a particular habitat being destroyed due to several reasons and discuss these reasons and their solutions
  4. What is it that is causing more and more endangered species of certain habitats and how can the situation be improved
  5. How can we inform people and spread awareness about a certain specie to save it from extinction
  6. The conflict between economic interests and habitual destruction, what will it be in a few years from now
  7. What evidence does biodiversity provide to support evolution? Give examples to show the adaptations of several organisms that they made to survive in a certain habitat
  8. What are invasive species, how are the impacting others and what is the possible reason for this behavior
  9. Discuss a certain biome and the creatures that dwell inside it
  10. Are we making enough efforts for saving fauna and flora for the future
  11. What is afforestation and how is relevant to the advancements we are making in biodiversity
  12. How is it possible to conserve biodiversity? What are the limitations for doing so
  13. Discuss and show the connectivity of tropical marine ecosystems through enough research and valid evidence
  14. What are the natural and human drivers of biodiversity and how can we distinct between them
  15. Show the application of environmental DNA for inventory and monitoring of aquatic species

Biodiversity is the diversity of live organisms in all its forms. Biodiversity is quite a broad term which can be understood in the different way. First of all it is the genetic diversity, because every organism has its own unique code of genes and their variations which are inherited from generation to generation. Then there is the diversity of species, which is characterized with the variety of the types of the living organisms which can be differentiated according to the inner and outer features, lifestyle, the way of feeding, breeding, etc. And finally, there is the diversity on the level of ecosystems, or the differences between various ecosystems, their structures, elements and functioning. The major concepts of biodiversity were proclaimed in the first part of the 20th century, which depended on the level of the development of biology and its methodology of the research. 

Biodiversity is one of the most important factors which maintains life on the planet, because only the great variety of species is able to support the existence and appropriate life of ecosystems. If a single element of the ecosystem disappears, the whole ecosystem will be ruined. Unfortunately, the humanity did not think about this issue till the middle of the 20th century, and the human activity was the major factor of the extinction of numerous biological species and destruction of ecosystems. Nowadays there is a task to maintain biodiversity of Earth and protect species from extinction in order to save ecosystems and as a result save more and more species which can be endangered by the disappearance of the single specie of animals.

Biodiversity is the essential factor of the appropriate existence of live organisms on the planet and the student is supposed to be aware about this matter. The aim of the persuasive essay is to convince the reader in the importance of the maintenance of the biodiversity on the definite examples from the real life. The young professional is able to discuss the issue in detail, dwell on the strong and weak sides of the problem, write about the factors which cause harm to biodiversity and share the possible solutions to the problem. Furthermore, one can focus on the effect of the damaged biodiversity on the life of Earth.

There are several problems related with the preparation of the well-analyzed persuasive essay and the main one is the lack of the student’s experience. One can find the answers to the bothering questions in a free example persuasive essay on biodiversity found in the web. The student is able to learn about the correct approach towards writing and formatting reading a free sample persuasive essay on biodiversity written online. 

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