Watertown Middle School Homework

Riverside Middle School Counseling Staff:

      Direct Phone: 920-262-1494


Ms. Patti Grunseth     A - H  (last name initial)

Mr. Jesse Leonhardt    I - O  (last name initial)

Mrs. Lora Konz              P - Z  (last name initial)

Mrs. Rebeca Roost          School Psychologist

Mrs. Kim Putz                Student Services Secretary

Mrs. Lynn Gilbert          School District Nurse

Ms. Danielle McDonald    School Social Worker


How can we help??

As Riverside Middle School Counselors, we look forward to partnering with you and your student in order to have a great year!  We work as a team with our school staff, parents, and the community to create a caring, supportive climate and atmosphere whereby young adolescents can achieve academic success.  All in all, we strive to enhance the learning process and promote academic achievement for allstudents.

Please let your student know that if he/she needs academic, personal, or social help here at school, he/she can come in and talk to a school counselor.  Also, thoughout the year we offer many small groups based on the needs of the students.  If you have any questions or do not want your student to participate, feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.  

Thank you for supporting your student in their school work and TOGETHER we can help your student find success in school.


Services Include:

  • Individual counseling concerning academic, social and personal issues
  • Screening and assessments for academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and health needs
  • Classroom Discussions
  • Consultation with teachers and parents
  • Developmental guidance activities covering topics such as decision-making, feelings, friendship, cooperation, conflict resolution, drug awareness, safety issues, human growth and development, communication skills and diversity
  • Exceptional educational need assessments which may include individual measurements of intellectual functioning, academic performance, social behavior, perceptual motor development, health, and adaptive behavior functioning
  • Small support groups for students on topics such as family change, friendship, social skills, grief, anger management and relationships
  • Alcohol and drug education and intervention; groups supporting recovery, and concerned persons
  • Emergency nursing services, health counseling, and individualized health plans
  • In-services for parents and school staff
  • Student prevention programs such as SOS (Signs of Suicide) and Mentoring 
  • Community contacts and communication
  • Referral resources
  • Participate in county and state groups advocating for students
  • Assist students with transitions

  Questions & Answers:

How can I make a referral to School Counseling Staff?

Parents can refer their concerns through phone calls, e-mails or written communications to their child's teacher, school principal or a student services professional.

What might come out of my contact with a school counselor?

Parent contact with a school counselor may result in a variety of outcomes: a one-time consultation, individual or group work involving the child, or a referral for services outside the school setting.

If my child meets with a school counselor either individually or in a small group, will my child miss out on important activities going on in the classroom?

As much as possible, attempts are made to schedule individual or group meetings so that the meeting will have the least affect on classroom instruction.  In addition, most interventions are short-term (4-8 weeks), although there is opportunity for shorter or longer periods of contact.

As a parent how can I show my support for school counseling program?

The best results come from working together.  The parent is always the most important person in the life of the child.  The goal of student services is to give the parent additional support and resources to assist students toward optimal personal development. 



This school is rated about average in school quality compared to other schools in the state. Students here perform about average on state tests, ... More have about average college readiness measures, are making about average year-over-year academic improvement, and this school has below average results in how well it’s serving disadvantaged students.

Worth a deeper look:

Test scores at this school are about the same as the state average, though still below the top-performing schools in the state. Because test scores in some states are so low, many students at this school may not be performing at grade level.

Parent tips

Notice something missing or confusing?

Grade 10

Grade 10



Grade 10

Biology I

Show more Test scores

Worth a deeper look:

Students at this school are making average academic progress given where they were last year, compared to similar students in the state.

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A worrisome sign:

Disadvantaged students at this school may be falling behind other students in the state, and this school may have significant achievement gaps.

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