3 Ancient River Valley Civilizations Essay

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1 Introductions & Conclusions

2 Many ancient river valley civilizations depended on their natural resources to survive. Geographic features affect how a civilization forms. The Harappans used their rivers, mountain, and even their oceans to help them thrive. Of course, the Harappans were not the only ones to use a river. The Shang civilization also used their rivers. Not only that, but they also used the Yellow Sea, and the Gobi desert. There are also the famous Egyptians. Their land was ninety-six percent desert, but that actually helped them. They also used the predictable cycle of the Nile River, and the direction of the wind for their benefit. River Valley Civilizations, often depended on what their geographical features gave them.

3 Many of the river valley civilizations would not have been able to advance, if not for the geography. First, the Sumerian civilization was shaped by the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Another river that shaped a civilization was the Nile River, shaping the Egyptian civilization. A third civilization, called the Harappan civilization was built on a river called the Indus River. The rivers and geography of the Sumerian, Egyptian and Harappan civilizations allowed them to make many cultural advancements.

4 Four out of four river valley civilizations depended on geographic features to survive. Rivers provided civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Sumerians and the Harappans with fertile soil, a way to farm, trade routes, and transportation. In addition, civilizations such as the Shang, the Egyptians, and the Harappans depended on natural barriers for protection. Lastly, for these river valley civilizations, natural resources were important because they influenced how these civilizations developed in terms of trade routes, military and economy. Natural barriers, natural resources, and rivers had a significant effect on the development of river valley civilizations.

5 Answer one of the following questions: How were these civilizations made possible? What would happen without the rivers? Rivers flood and provide good soil Farming (less people need to get enough food ) Specialization (people have time to do other things) Cities develop and advancements are made!

6 It is clear that geographical features of the land do influence the development of a civilization, and not just for Harappa, Shang, and Egypt. It would clearly not have been possible for these civilizations to be as strong as they were, without their natural resources. The Harappans were strong because their rivers, mountains and oceans were all reliable resources. The Shang civilization needed the Yellow Sea, the Gobi desert, and the Huang-Ho River. The Egyptians relied upon their desert and the multiple uses of the Nile. This makes it easy to see how natural geographic features are in the development of a civilization. Without them, who knows if these ancient civilizations would have even survived. Without these resources, it could have changed history.

7 Thesis: Rivers, natural barriers, and natural resources greatly influenced the development of the ancient civilizations of Sumer, Harappa, Egypt, and Shang. If rivers, natural barriers, and natural resources influenced the development of the ancient civilizations of Sumer, Harappa, Egypt, and Shang, then perhaps these civilizations had an advantage of cultural advancement because of their geography. Without the rivers, agriculture would not have been possible, and specialization could not have occurred. Therefore, cities would not have developed. Furthermore, many important advancements that influence society today, may not have been created. Because these ancient civilizations had a geographical advantage, they were able to make positive contributions to society, such as medical and architectural advancements. Geography was the most influential factor in the development of civilizations and continued to impact the success of those areas in the future.

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