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 As I sit and look out the window, I see the outside world, with which I feel disconnected. I am a spectator to these busy students and teachers. As I watch people below scurry to their next class, I wonder what life is all about. Is there an ultimate goal to it all? What is the purpose of being here besides 'living'? Sometimes, I find myself thinking about life in general and I ask myself, "Why... why is it so hard to live?"

Today's society is so harsh; war and crime are everywhere. Am I the only one that sees things this way? There are so many questions to life's story that I long to get the answer to. Who can answer these questions? No one. I have always been told that I would have to figure it out on my own, which means there is no definite answer. Everyone have their own idea of what life means. Why am I the exception? Why am I left clueless to the supreme purpose? I am unsure and I, most likely, will always be. I hope that one day I might have a revelation and truly understand what it means to live.

Outside the window an U.S. flag blows in the wind. Seeing the flag fly causes feelings of hatred because of horrible consequences that happened for that flag to fly. Many wars have raged and many millions of people have died over 'freedom'. Then I ask, "What exactly is freedom?" From what I understand, it is the ability to do or say what you want. Are we really allowed to do or say anything we want? Yes, to a certain extent. We are controlled by what is known as a government - a set of 'higher standard' individuals who choose what they believe is right for the other millions of U.S. citizens. American citizens have no say in these things. We have no choice but to follow our 'leaders'; just like a herd of cattle. I mean, don't get me wrong, sometimes they make positive decisions, but just as many negatives. So do we have freedom? Yeah, we have it. Is it truly freedom? No. There are limitations to everything. Rules and regulations must be followed, licenses must be earned, and taxes must be paid. Freedom is a great thing. This 'democracy' we have is a variant of what is known as freedom. I guess this is just another thing that I'll have to live with.

As I peer out the window into the adjacent building, I see a couple holding hands, as they walk towards me. I can tell that they 'love' each other. Love, I've experienced it before. The crush, nervousness, and shyness towards one another. Love is a beautiful thing, but there are two sides to that coin. Love is full of lies and deceit, which I have experienced as well. You have heartache, shed tears, feel hurt, but in the end, love always prevails. Love can save a person from death, but could cause suicide. Love is the most powerful force on Earth. It should be handled with care. It shouldn't be used lightly. It's meant as a serious feeling. Do you know what it is to love someone? I trust that you do.

So many things could be brought to memory from looking out of a window and seeing what is around you. This window means a lot to me because it describes life. Maybe you could find the answer to the questions in your head by peering out of your window. Try it. You never know what you might find.

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Man, the view from my window is awesome! Seriously, you have no idea. The real upside to living in the suburbs is being able to look outside and see Nature’s work of art, you know, instead of a concrete landscape. When I look outside, I can see mountains weaving across the horizon, beautiful green mountains all covered in trees and grass. I can see the ocean far away, this big blue bay surrounded by beaches. I can see the forest stretching out everywhere, with all these vivid colors and wild animals around, mostly the birds that are always flying by. I can see houses lining the roads down the hill, and a little church on the hill right across from my window, with bells that ring every Sunday morning. I can see white clouds rolling by on clear days, and the sun setting behind the mountains in the afternoon. I can see a blending palette of greens and blues, plus whatever colors are painted on the houses. I get to look out my window whenever I want and see something beautiful every single day.

The view from my window is awesome. Why? Because it really captures so much of the natural beauty of Brazil.

I wrote this short piece a few years ago as part of a writing exercise to practice the element of voice. The exercise is to describe the view from your bedroom window as casually as if you were speaking to someone, so as to capture the essence of your natural voice in your writing. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. Thanks for reading!

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